Our training programs are customized for industries and corporates, designed to yield transformative results. Our concepts, methodology and training tools are devised to meet the needs of employees, businesses and
new hires of the new millenia.
Virtual Expedition

When the company is focused on developing soft skills, be it time management, team management or negotiation skills, simulators can improve decision making skills, leadership, delegation, team coordination, etc.

Instructor Led

Instructor-led training (ILT) is the most effective training format for complex information learning, as it demands the much needed focus, and provides ample opportunities for practice.

Group Introspection

Being a productive team is real hard work. It requires honest group introspection, which is very rewarding and satisfying. Such introspection nurtures humility and the team members return to the workplace with an attitude of personal awareness. 

Case Studies

Case studies can be effective tools used in developing management skills. They find incredible use in providing descriptive situations which stimulate trainees to make decisions.

Experimental Learning

It’s "learning through reflection on doing". Hands-on learning opportunities give trainees a greater understanding of certain subject matter and helps them to conceptualize and experiment for better results.

Video Discussion

Discussion based on videos spark deep thoughts and questions for the trainees. It allows space for the trainees to reflect on their thoughts after seeing each video to deepen learning within themselves.

Picture Discussion

Photos help people to communicate their ideas faster and better. Also, they retain those ideas longer. Using images increases the chance of actually contributing to a measurable change in behavior.

Magic & Art forms

Entertainment that can be fresh, exciting and interactive, kindle our spirits to open up and have fun. Magic and use of art forms in training sessions are educative, informative and entertaining.


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