Events could be the best medium of communication to convey our thoughts in the most fresh, compelling and exciting manner. Ezone creates spectacular event experiences that deliver your content and reach the intended audience.

Running for a cause never loses its charm. Always close to our hearts, we conduct full/half marathon and 5/3/1 km runs, simultaneously creating awareness on a noble cause, reaching out to the public and needy.

Meetings / Conference

We organize meetings and conferences as per our protocol for hosting events exactly going by your needs. We ensure a flawless event that warrants the chances of it being an efficacious exercise.

Employee Day

We plan for you to thank your employees amply for their hard work and effort they have put throughout the year, in style and pomp.

Exhibition & Expos

We are well equipped and experienced in planning, concept development, securing sponsorship and exhibitor sales, marketing and promotion of exhibitions & expos. We also manage booth designs and promotion events.

Awards & Recognitions

We have the resources to design, execute and mindfully develop the agenda for an ideal event success. Our goal is to solicitously strategize and co-create the event, bringing the company’s vision to life.

Product Launch

We present the product launches with a relevant theme along with entertainment, for making memories. Prior to the event, we plan a massive social media activity for far reach of the product.



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