Olive Ridley, an endangered turtle species reach our Chennai shores from December unto March ever year with the ocean currents, from as far as the Pacific Ocean. They nest in our beaches at night, laying eggs as they have been doing for 180 million years.

EZONE along with PRAKRUTHI, an eco care group interacts in this endeavor to create awareness about the plight of endangered species and the state of coastal environment. It is an age old process, where the mother leaves them and goes back to the sea, leaving the hatchlings when they are born to fend for themselves. The activity is to search for ‘crawls’ and locate the nests for the Ridley’s eggs. There are fairly good chances to encounter nesting turtles. It is a beautiful experience to watch them lay eggs, and still a miraculous wonder to watch the hatchlings emerge 45 days later, from the mother earth.

The Ridley Trail starts from the Britannia Pavilion, Nemelli (3 kms after Crocodile Bank) on any scheduled night at 9.30 PM. After introductions and a presentation on the objective of the trail, the walk will commence southwards to the Tiger Caves, Devaneri. The walk will be slow-paced, with the intention of combing the beach for the turtle crawls. The walk will conclude with the break of dawn around 4.30 AM depending on the number of nests being found.

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