Glass Walk

Face your fears. Stimulate your body. Healing. Empower your self with a key to do anything you wish! We gain Strength, Courage & Confidence by doing things which we think We CANNOT Do !

Glass Walk is another tailor made fear breaker which benefits physically for relaxation and stimulation. This stimulations effects blood circulation and allows for the creation and repair of capillaries. Glass walk brings the gain of 100 % focussing by paying attention and the realisation that we have more control over our life circumstances than we ever thought possible. More than the health factor, Glass Walk is an activity which seems to be impossible but possible if we dare to and thus throws out the fear of trying.

Walking on the glass is like having reflexology performed on our feet and directly effect organs within the body. We cannot massage the internal organs of your body, put you can activate their associated energy lines (meridians) by manipulating the external body.


turtle walk

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turtle Walk